What’s Safer to Transport by You When Moving


Follow Best Oshawa Movers’ recommendation for you on how to move yourself some valuable items rather than packing them together with other items included in shipment, since they are not cheap. So, please take with you:

  • Fine jewellery (except costume jewellery if preferred so)
  • Coins, foreign currency and any other precious paper (stock vouchers, bonds, etc.)
  • Important documents, actions, titles, bank books, tax forms and other documents.
  • Prescriptions and medical/dental records.

Larger sized collections could be properly packed by Oshawa Movers and shipped together with your other belonging. Remember that Moving Companies in Oshawa are to your service, should you choose professional packers for packing your valuables.

Artwork Transportation

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If we evaluate the artwork according to their value, they are usually viewed as expensive and not so expensive. The artwork which doesn’t belong to the first class is a lot easier to pack and move. Oshawa Movers advice you to simply wrap it with percolate and tie up with tape to avoid scratches and protect from moisture and it’s done. However, expensive original artwork requires special attention. Also these items require special micro-climate with a certain level of temperature and humidity. Serious issues occur throughout the winter (cold), summer (hot) or semi wet conditions. If so, it wouldn’t be superfluous to consult Best Oshawa Movers even if you’re attempting to do it by yourself. In varying weather conditions artwork, especially oil paintings, should be transported separately from the picture frames, placing them in special containers. If a painting is transported packed in paper or dense fabric, it is essential that the materials do not touch the canvas painting. Wrap baguette and frame in bubble wrap or place them in boxes of proper dimension and carry around in a vertical position.

Moving Companies Oshawa   can help you with any moving projects because we have got sufficient experience and professional skills to fill out any question!