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Answers on How to Move a Vintage Crystal Chandelier.

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Do you want to keep your grandmother’s vintage size-of-a-Buick chandelier? Packaging this monster won’t be simple, however it is possible.


  1. Getting a number of boxes, cutting them in half and taping the parts together to make a “custom-shaped” package is really a helpful technique,” say professional Movers in Oshawa. Just be sure you cover each glass part cautiously in memory foam or bubble wrap prior to placing the whole thing in your custom made box.


  1. Take all of the light bulbs out from the chandelier and pack these in an individual box. Cover them cautiously in paper, tissue paper or bubble wrap.


  1. Remove any detachable parts of the chandelier. Cover all these parts very carefully in bubble wrap and place them in a different box filled up with packaging peanuts. Make sure the pieces are not touching each other. Seal off the box and name it “Fragile.”


  1. Use roll paper sleeve to organize your cables and wire connections. Avoid using tape as the wires are going to be tacky once you remove the tape.


  1. Secure the chandelier vertical inside the box. Ask your assistant add packing peanuts into the box and entirely cover chandelier with them. Pack all the cords and wires. Make sure to hold the chandelier as up-right as is possible and remember that it should be packed in firmly enough and does not move. Put the foam on top of the box, close it and seal it properly.


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What’s Safer to Transport by You When Moving


Follow Best Oshawa Movers’ recommendation for you on how to move yourself some valuable items rather than packing them together with other items included in shipment, since they are not cheap. So, please take with you:

  • Fine jewellery (except costume jewellery if preferred so)
  • Coins, foreign currency and any other precious paper (stock vouchers, bonds, etc.)
  • Important documents, actions, titles, bank books, tax forms and other documents.
  • Prescriptions and medical/dental records.

Larger sized collections could be properly packed by Oshawa Movers and shipped together with your other belonging. Remember that Moving Companies in Oshawa are to your service, should you choose professional packers for packing your valuables.

Artwork Transportation

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If we evaluate the artwork according to their value, they are usually viewed as expensive and not so expensive. The artwork which doesn’t belong to the first class is a lot easier to pack and move. Oshawa Movers advice you to simply wrap it with percolate and tie up with tape to avoid scratches and protect from moisture and it’s done. However, expensive original artwork requires special attention. Also these items require special micro-climate with a certain level of temperature and humidity. Serious issues occur throughout the winter (cold), summer (hot) or semi wet conditions. If so, it wouldn’t be superfluous to consult Best Oshawa Movers even if you’re attempting to do it by yourself. In varying weather conditions artwork, especially oil paintings, should be transported separately from the picture frames, placing them in special containers. If a painting is transported packed in paper or dense fabric, it is essential that the materials do not touch the canvas painting. Wrap baguette and frame in bubble wrap or place them in boxes of proper dimension and carry around in a vertical position.

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How to Pack Your Clothing When Moving

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Following Best Oshawa Movers advises you’ll pack your clothes in no time! Let’s start packing!

First of all we would like to advise to throw out all unnecessary and unused items. Agree that is worthless to carry with your clothes you do not wear. Simply throw them away or give them to those in need. When packing your clothes, remember sort them to those that you won’t need immediately, after arriving, and those that you might need. So, make separate packages with clothes of first or second priority. Do not forget to put aside clothes you’ll wear during the moving day and after (check the forecast first). To simplify your goals for packing clothes, worthwhile considering the season. So, those clothes which won’t be worn this season will be neatly stacked in the box and then neatly arranged into the closet.


All soft things like clothing, bedding, tablecloths, curtains and so on can be packed in bags. Another alternative would be cardboard boxes and luggage. But the best choice for the clothes that should arrive without any wrinkle would always be special closet with hangers, which is used by our Movers Oshawa Ontario. Don’t forget that clothes, towels and bedding stuff can serve as padding for your fragile stuff; blankets are perfect to use them as an extra protection for some pieces of your furniture.


If we’re speaking about footwear, the main task is to keep its original shape. The best option for that would be placing your footwear into original boxes. Stack boxes one above another and tied with a rope. Another method would be using a larger box. Make one layer of your footwear, and then place some padding above using a blanket, a piece of cardboard or paper, then make another layer of footwear. Do not forget to stuff your shoes with some crumpled paper. No doubts, your shoes will appreciate that!

Moving to Another City

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Moving to another city is a troublesome and complex event. Every day, hundreds of people are moving to other cities, provinces or countries. The major problem faced by almost everyone is to find a reliable moving company: honest, conscientious and affordable. We all want a moving company reliable enough to entrust our possessions, a company which can give us all the warranties and help us feel comfortable and happy.

Best Oshawa Movers is exactly what you need! Large vehicle selection, experienced staff, most efficient equipment, supplies and much more are that our Oshawa Movers offering every day! We’ll help you make moving to another city easy and hassle free. With Oshawa Moving Companies your possessions will arrive to any location exactly at the specified time and date, without delays or force majeure. We undertake moving of any complexity. The volume does not matter; we will organize and successfully execute any move. Before placing your order, make sure you have defined the number of stuff you want to move. This is a good way to save money, because providing us with the information on number and amount of the property that you want to move, our specialist, in turn, will take best decision when choosing a vehicle for you, so you would not have had to pay for an empty space, or order an additional vehicle. Our expert will plan the most efficient route for your move.  That is why we always advice to ask for professional assistance when moving to another city.

You certainly can turn to neighbors, relatives or friends for the help, but ultimately only to be disappointed with the result, we assure you. Choose those who are professionally engaged in this business for many years, who can guarantee you quality and safety. Our movers guarantee high quality services for affordable. In addition, we assume full responsibility, since we work according to a written agreement.  Please contact us and we will help you solve all your tasks on time and at a reasonable price.