Answers on How to Move a Vintage Crystal Chandelier.


Do you want to keep your grandmother’s vintage size-of-a-Buick chandelier? Packaging this monster won’t be simple, however it is possible.

  1. Getting a number of boxes, cutting them in half and taping the parts together to make a “custom-shaped” package is really a helpful technique,” say professional Movers in Oshawa. Just be sure you cover each glass part cautiously in memory foam or bubble wrap prior to placing the whole thing in your custom made box.
  2. Take all of the light bulbs out from the chandelier and pack these in an individual box. Cover them cautiously in paper, tissue paper or bubble wrap.
  3. Remove any detachable parts of the chandelier. Cover all these parts very carefully in bubble wrap and place them in a different box filled up with packaging peanuts. Make sure the pieces are not touching each other. Seal off the box and name it “Fragile.”
  4. Use roll paper sleeve to organize your cables and wire connections. Avoid using tape as the wires are going to be tacky once you remove the tape.
  5. Secure the chandelier vertical inside the box. Ask your assistant add packing peanuts into the box and entirely cover chandelier with them. Pack all the cords and wires. Make sure to hold the chandelier as up-right as is possible and remember that it should be packed in firmly enough and does not move. Put the foam on top of the box, close it and seal it properly.


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