How to Pack Your Clothing When Moving


Following Best Oshawa Movers advises you’ll pack your clothes in no time! Let’s start packing!

First of all we would like to advise to throw out all unnecessary and unused items. Agree that is worthless to carry with your clothes you do not wear. Simply throw them away or give them to those in need. When packing your clothes, remember sort them to those that you won’t need immediately, after arriving, and those that you might need. So, make separate packages with clothes of first or second priority. Do not forget to put aside clothes you’ll wear during the moving day and after (check the forecast first). To simplify your goals for packing clothes, worthwhile considering the season. So, those clothes which won’t be worn this season will be neatly stacked in the box and then neatly arranged into the closet.


All soft things like clothing, bedding, tablecloths, curtains and so on can be packed in bags. Another alternative would be cardboard boxes and luggage. But the best choice for the clothes that should arrive without any wrinkle would always be special closet with hangers, which is used by our Movers Oshawa Ontario. Don’t forget that clothes, towels and bedding stuff can serve as padding for your fragile stuff; blankets are perfect to use them as an extra protection for some pieces of your furniture.


If we’re speaking about footwear, the main task is to keep its original shape. The best option for that would be placing your footwear into original boxes. Stack boxes one above another and tied with a rope. Another method would be using a larger box. Make one layer of your footwear, and then place some padding above using a blanket, a piece of cardboard or paper, then make another layer of footwear. Do not forget to stuff your shoes with some crumpled paper. No doubts, your shoes will appreciate that!